What to Expect

We get it. Going to a new place can be intimidating. Even more so when the new place is a church. Even more so when public gatherings are restricted and the first time you meet people it might be online.

You want to feel welcome but you don’t really want to stand out. You probably have a lot of questions: How do they dress? Where do I sit? How do I ensure I don’t sit when they stand and stand when they sit? Are they going to ask me for money? What do I do if my child or infant makes noise?

You can join our services on YouTube live each week at 10:00AM CST, or you can join our zoom call – subscribe to the newsletter to get the coordinates.

You can even call in by telephone without using a computer and listen to the service that way. You’ll need to get the Zoom phone number and meeting ID from us to do that, so contact us.

Every week after the service we have a chat time on Zoom, so whether you watch on YouTube, on Zoom, or if you attend in person (subject to current public health orders in effect) you can still have a chance to talk to people and meet everyone.

You have come to the right place. Here we will do our best to answer your questions and put you at ease because really most of us at Willowlake are happy when we get through the door with matching socks!