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Accessible Elevator Project

We’ve been talking about it for years (maybe decades?) and the time has finally come! Willowlake Baptist Church is installing a lift to aid in accessibility for our building.

The lift starts at the ground floor, with a separate entrance to the parking lot. It goes down to the basement and up to the main floor. It does not go to the second floor.

Construction starts January 2024 and is scheduled to be completed by spring.

The estimated total cost comes to $150,000.

A generous government grant covers about half of that. We are fundraising to cover as much as we possibly can, and plan to mortgage what we can’t fundraise this year.

This is a pricey project, but we believe it will help our congregation and community:

  • a daycare uses our basement, and this allows parents with strollers to come in and out and it allows the daycare to bring wagons and toys from their storage directly outside for outdoor play times.
  • We currently have two congregations using the building, and access for those with walkers, wheelchairs and strollers will make a big difference.
  • Three different Girl Guide groups use our basement, and will be able to haul their supplies with ease
  • As we increase our community usage, we are aiming to be intentionally more accessible insofar as we can.

You can help!

$75,000 is a lot to fundraise. You can donate directly to the project via:

  • cheque made out to Willowlake Church (specify elevator project)
  • e-transfer to (specify elevator project). If you would like a tax receipt, please email your full name, address and phone number to after sending the donation in.
  • support our current fundraiser!

Fundraisers coming up:

  • Valentines Day cookie fundraiser. Orders open from January 18-February 7. Cookie pickup February 11. Order here.
  • Order your garden supplies through us! We’re partnering with Glenlea Nursery to bring you bedding plants, hanging baskets, seeds and more. When you order through us, we get a percentage of the sales. Order in advance and pick up your order May 11th from Willowlake Church. Details coming.
  • Rain barrels! Help your lawn and garden and be eco-friendly by purchasing a rain barrel from us. Pickup May 11th from Willowlake Church.
  • Live music at The Rec Room – April 5. Details to come