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Here is some tools and information for our regular attenders:

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There are four ways to give at Willowlake Church

  1. In-person, with cheque or cash
  2. E-transfer: send to
  3. Set up automatic withdrawals by emailing or
  4. Send a cheque by mail:

Willowlake Church | 45 Willowlake Crescent | Winnipeg, MB | R2J 2Z4

Claiming Expenses

To claim expenses, go to and fill out the form. The chairperson of the commission will approve the expense, and you will receive an email from our bookkeeper. Reply to the email with copies of your receipts to be reimbursed.

Change or add member information

You can add or change your member information using the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Our member directory is NOT published online.

If you wish to be listed in the directory distributed to members, or if you need to update any information, please fill out the form.